Music Academy Gear List

Orchestra Novo Summer String Music Academy
July 17 – 24, 2016

Camp Arroyo Grande is located near the Village of Arroyo Grande. You can expect the days to be in the high 70’s / low 80’s and the nights to be in the mid-50’s. The camp offers basketball, volleyball, Ping-Pong, horseshoes, badminton, tetherball and Ga-ga Ball, as well as a swimming pool for recreation time.

Camp Packing List

Performance clothes – jeans (no holes, please), we will provide a camp tshirt

Comfortable clothes for your whole camp stay (no laundry facilities-so pack enough!)
Comfortable footwear – the camp is built on a hill and the ground is uneven in places
Jacket/ sweatshirt for cool weather (evenings, some foggy mornings)
Blanket, sheets, pillow and pillowcase, or sleeping bag and pillow (twin-size bunkbeds)

Personal Toiletries:
Bath towel
Shower shoes if you wish
Lip balm Sunscreen (this is very important- DON’T FORGET IT)
Bathing Suit
Swimming Pool Towel
Reusable water bottle
Daypack, or small backpack
Your instrument & accessories
A music stand & battery-operated stand light (if you have them, please let us know)
Pens/ pencils
Any music you are working on or wish to work on
A book to read or a sketchbook
Snacks – feel free to pack a few snacks
Headlamp or small flashlight
An awesome attitude 🙂

Cell Phones
Campers will have their phones and we will ask that cell phone usage be limited to taking photos or playing music (remember to pack earbuds). Please check in with your music coach or your counselor if you need to make a call, or before going on the internet.

You can download this list HERE: GearList