Virtuoso Discovery Series: From the Mind of Mozart

Jupiter Symphony, Molto Allegro
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Michael Nowak & Orchestra Novo

Sunday, April 23


San Luis Obispo United Methodist Church

$25 General Admission

Dr. Craig Russell and Orchestra Novo take us on a journey into the mind of one of the world’s greatest composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Discover the insights and inspirations that became the Jupiter Symphony. Travel into the mind of this musical genius and experience for yourself the creative wonder of what has been described as “pure, exhilarating feeling.”

Orchestra Novo’s Discovery Series is an invigorating blend of exploration and artistry, a multi-sensory event that will nourish your mind and uplift your heart.

Thank you to our gracious sponsors

Linda K. Ashworth
Joan Gellert-Sargen





Dr. Craig Russell

Dr. Russell is one of San Luis Obispo’s musical luminaries. His works include the acclaimed Concierto Romantico, Rhapsody for Horn and Orchestra; Middle Earth; Gate City, and Ecos Armonicos. Dr. Russell brings humor and delight to every project

“As a composer, Russell has received wide praise and recognition for his work. His textures, melodies, harmonies and orchestrations are often described as Coplandesque, frequently evoking the many cultural influences of American life. He has worked closely with the acclaimed vocal group Chanticleer, including the production of two CDs, Mexican Baroque (nominated for a Grammy Award and Chanticleers No. 1 selling CD) and Matins for the Virgin of Guadalupe. Russell reconstructed the music of these recordings from musical shreds of evidence in Mexican and California archives, assisted at rehearsals, wrote the liner notes and collaborated throughout the recording process.”

A collaboration with Chanticleer gave birth to a DVD and film, “Mission Road” — often broadcast on PBS — and four CDs, including: “Mexican Baroque,” which was nominated for a Gramophone Award; “Matins for the Virgin of Guadalupe; Our American Journey,” nominated for a Grammy Award; and the CD titled “Mission Road.”

Dr. Russell is the author of a two-volume book, Santiago de Murcia’s “Codice Saldivar No.4”: A Treasury of Secular Guitar Music From Baroque Mexico which was published in the summer of 1995 by the University of Illinois Press, and “From Serra to Sancho: Music and Pagentry in the California Missions,” released in summer 2009 by Oxford University Press.