Music So Sweet: Personal Reflections Episode 2

It is our delight to continue to bring music to life with this podcast hosted by Michael Nowak.

In Episode 2 of this series, Artistic Director Michael Nowak continues the journey to explore the creative spirit of the great composers.

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Music So Sweet: Personal Reflections

Episode 2: Samuel Barber
Michael Nowak

Introduction & Chapter 1: commentary by Michael Nowak

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Chapter 2: Michael Nowak Interview with Anne Akiko Meyers & the Barber Violin Concerto

Chapter 3: Adagio for Strings Commentary by Michael Nowak

Chapter 4: Agnus Dei Commentary by Michael Nowak

Chapter 5: The Monk & His Cat Commentary by Michael Nowak

In Closing by Michael Nowak

5 Ways Music Improves Our Health

By Jill Suttie, Huffington Post,

Music can prevent anxiety-induced increases in heart rate and systolic blood pressure, and decrease cortisol levels — all biological markers of stress. In one study, researchers found that patients receiving surgery for hernia repair who listened to music after surgery experienced decreased plasma cortisol levels and required significantly less morphine to manage their pain. In another study involving surgery patients, the stress reducing effects of music were more powerful than the effect of an orally-administered anxiolytic drug.”

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